Online Games for Couples with Questions

I hate long distance relationships, well we all do. Especially, if the relationship did not start at a distance but circumstances pulled you apart from your loved one. First, it starts off fine you are both optimistic. Then after a few weeks or months, you start to grow distant because you can’t touch or feel your partner at night. Or go for long walks on the beach and there is nothing you can do to make it work. Then that emotional bond needs to be fulfilled and it can’t be done with each other. One of the many things you can play is two truths and a lie with your loved one.

So one of your cheats and feels horrible about it. You might talk about the cheating or it might never come up. This is when one party then decides to put in extra work to make you two not so distant. Skype calls, Voice notes, and all types of online games for couples to play. Then it hits you the constant worry of what are you two becoming? And questioning of the relationship. How will you both pull out of this if seeing each other is not an option?

Solving the Problem

Well to solve this problem is to not have the problem. Because if there is no way to see your loved one then what is the point. Before deciding to commit to an LDR relationship a couple should first decide on:

  • Visit time so they will at least have an idea as to when they could see each other again.
  • Activities should be planned to keep them both connected and in tune with each other lives.
  • Thirdly you need to make a pact that no matter how difficult thing get you will both remain faithful. So if any temptations arise you would remember.
  • Also, emergency trips should be sorted out as well.


Top Popular Party Games – Never Have I Ever

If you’ve ever watched Ellen chances are you are aware of the never have I ever game which she often plays on her show with guests. The game requires a minimum of two players asking each other questions starting with, “Never have I ever….”. Never have I ever is also used commonly as a drinking game. Of course with the appropriate questions for the occasion.

Two ways to play: Using the never have I ever card game which I created or made up questions.

The card game requires the purchase of the card versions of the game.  The cards determine the question each person in the group answers hence removing the need to have to think of questions on the fly.

Made up questions are determined by each person individually, whether those are taken from online or as mentioned before made up on the fly.


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